About Hospital

One Stop Solution for Comprehensive Cancer Care

Precision Plus is one of the best cancer hospitals in Undri, Pune located at the Hadapsar Rd, behind Undri City Center Mall, Undri, Pune. The center is a “One Stop Solution for Comprehensive Cancer Care” as it provides quality cancer care. Precision Plus is the first dedicated Comprehensive Cancer hospital in Undri, Pune, founded with an aim to consistently provide high-quality and result-oriented cancer care treatment by adopting global innovations and technologies. Precision Plus hospital is founded by Dr. Lalit Banswal (Chief Cancer Surgeon) & Dr. Narendra Chopade (Advanced Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, and GI Surgeon) in Pune.

Depending on a patient’s situation, oncologists recommend one or a combination of treatments. Using different therapies, medications, and regular follow-up treatments, the medical oncologists at the hospital offer the best possible facilities to cure, shrink or stop the progression of cancer.

Types of Cancer treatment offered by Precision Plus Hospital in Pune:


Surgery is done by Dr. Lalit Banswal, who removes cancer from the patient’s body by making an incision on a particular body part that’s affected by cancer.

Radiation Therapy:

In this treatment, high doses of radiation help in killing cancer cells and shrinking tumors.


During this treatment, various drugs are given to a patient to eradicate cancer cells from their body.


This treatment boosts a patient’s immune system to fight cancer cells.

Hormone Therapy:

This treatment stops or slows down the growth of prostate and breast cancers by reducing the stimulation of certain hormones in the human body.